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Biking Buddies


When the weather warms up we'd love to plan a weekend bike ride (Saturday or Sunday afternoon). We would stay on the Huckleberry Trail riding towards Christiansburg, around VT campus and keep the biking 10-20 miles. If we have enough energy we could stop along the way for a bite to eat, drink, ice cream, or shopping!  A few of us have electric bikes which makes biking more enjoyable, especially on the hills.  There are many different e-bikes and prices can start at $500 and up.  Trek, Ancheer, Schwinn, and Vivi are a few examples or you can convert your own into a E-bike at ebikeling.  You do not need to have an e-bike to join our group and will ride at a nice easy pace.  We look forward to biking when the weather hits the mid to upper 50s!

To sign up or for questions contact Michelle Ferris at

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