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Anybody want to hit the links?


I'm interested in planning a golf outing and would love to find others who would like to play. Since retiring, I've been playing a lot of golf-- I'm still not very good, but I love it anyway!  If we have enough people who enjoy golf and want to play regularly, we could plan bi- weekly or monthly golf outings at various courses around the area. I most often just play 9 holes but am open to playing 18 if other folks have time. Any skill level is welcome as we could do a scramble format which is usually more fun for less-experienced players. If you are interested, please email me at to let me know what days of the week and times of day would best suit your schedule. I prefer playing on weekdays b/c courses are less crowded and it's cheaper to play, and I like to play in the mornings before it gets so hot (retired life is grand!!). But I will be flexible so that we can include as many people as possible. We could have the first golf outing at the VT campus course to keep it convenient for folks.

Contact Myra at

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