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  Tuesday, April 9, 2024


 Kim Wasil

The Warm Hearth Foundation

A Culture of Philanthropy

We believe that aging with dignity is the right of all seniors regardless of their ability to pay for housing and health care as they age. More than one-third of our residents are considered low-income by federal guidelines. The Warm Hearth Foundation employs its resources to educate and advocate on behalf of seniors who spend down their resources and need assistance with the cost of long-term care and related services. Many loyal donors contribute through a variety of programs to support these needs annually.

Neighbors in Need Fund.

The Neighbors in Need fund and Micah's programs provide basic and vital assistance to seniors TODAY as they face everyday challenges of food insecurity, access to safe housing and health care services. Help us bridge the gaps for seniors who have worked hard all their lives and now find themselves needing these most basic necessities of life.

Micah's Programs

A key component of our Neighbors In Need fund, the Micah's Programs help fill in the gaps for our seniors with their basic, everyday needs. The Micah’s Programs provide shelf-stable groceries, fresh produce, prepared meals, personal care items and pet food and supplies to our most vulnerable seniors through Micah’s Pantry, Micah's Garden, Micah’s Meals, Micah's Personal Care Items and Micah's Pets.

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