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Musicians & Singers

Calling all musicians and singers!

If you play an instrument or like to sing, would you be interested in gathering either weekly or monthly to jam?  I have played guitar for 50+ years and am interested in finding other folks who would like to play on a regular basis. I am a rhythm guitar player and also do some finger-picking. I've played mostly folk, country, old rock & roll and old-time/bluegrass music, but am not at all an expert player. Any level player and anyone who likes to sing is welcome to participate. If interested, please email me at and tell me if you play an instrument, and what type of music you like to play/sing. Once I have names, I can work with the group to identify the best day/time for our first meeting and I believe we can get a room at the Lutheran church to gather. I was thinking that for our first gathering, we should start with some good old Bob Dylan tunes or other old folk songs!

Please contact Myra at

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